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Dyman Management & Associates Business Solutions Special Engagements - Fred Dyke, MC and 5th degree!

Need to add a little excitement in to your next annual or all staff meeting? Do you want to entertain the classroom or the entire school with a meaningful life lesson? Looking for a MC with a message for the company golf tournament? Then fred is a natural choice.

Managers, book Fred now for your next corporate event. he can help to motivate and energize staff by getting them involved and excited. Principals or teachers , ask Fred to come and talk to the kids. he will show them an engaging Judo demonstration where he relates how dedication and discipline can improve their achievements  in scholastics and in their lives. "Life Lessons from Judo"

"Fred effectively motivates and entertains thousands of high school students using his business experience and teaching valuable life lessons through his Judo demonstrations"

Gord White - High School Principal

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